Trend Alert: These Cookies Are All You Need to Eat Your Fave Celeb’s Face

Ever wanted to eat Kim Kardashian’s cry face? Or Ariana Grande with her cat ears? Well, NYC startup Selffee, is setting the trend and allowing customers to do exactly that. Take a selfie or send an image through their app, using their exclusive technology the picture is printed onto cookies, cupcakes and more. Using FDA approved edible inks to print, the final product is safe to eat.


Oh, and if cookies aren’t your cup of tea… well… you can also get beverages such as cold brew iced coffee and milkshakes.  The possibilities are pretty hilarious, and the perfect gift for your favorite famous foodie.



Selffee is based out of NYC currently doing events in the tri-state area. They are planning to open across the nation in 2017.  Their new signature product the Selffee Cookie will later next year but is available for a limited time through their current Indiegogo campaign.



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