The Naked Collective Partners with Acosta to Launch ‘MUDE’ Health Drinks into North American Retail

Both companies’ focus on health and wellness consumer products led to deal which sees vegan friendly Mude healthy drinks launch in USA & Canada

The Naked Collective has partnered with Acosta USA & Acosta Canada which will see its vegan friendly Mude range of healthy drinks become available to retailers across both countries as part of what will be an overall initial $12m investment by the company in North America.

The deal is a major win for The Naked Collective, the Irish start up healthy drinks company who have successfully launched in the Irish market in 2020 and already secured distribution deals in the UK & Italy. The company’s offering is especially popular to its health and wellness conscious B2B and B2C customers due to its naturally brewed Superliquid® which contains only natural ingredients. Obtaining carbon neutral status from Day 1, The Naked Collective has committed to becoming a regenerative business by the end of 2021.  In keeping with their sustainability commitment they have  partnered with manufacturers Lazy Magnolia Brewery in Mississippi in the US and Blackburn Brewhouse in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“We chose Acosta as we believe they are the number one broker in the USA and Canada and have unparalleled retail reach. This deal is a natural fit for our natural healthy brand of Mude drinks given the strong move towards a healthier lifestyle by consumers globally,” said, The Naked Collective’s CEO Niall Phelan. “We believe the brand will land well in both an ongoing and post-Covid world, where consumers want to know how the products they consume impact the environment and their own health and wellbeing.”  

A recent survey carried out in the US of 3,000 people found that 1 in 3 Millennials and Generation Z had reduced their alcohol consumption as a result of Covid by November 2020 and this has now risen to 1 in 2 just last month in February. They also found that 2 in 3 people are looking for drinks that support immune health as a direct result of the pandemic.

“We are moving into an age where food is medicine and where people have started to recognize that you can’t have zero calories, zero sugar and taste like a diet cola whilst still being good for you” continued Phelan. “Our ethos is to be socially and personally responsible for our environment, our planet and our community. Giving people honest healthy choices in the soft drinks fridge is key to this. Acosta’s reach across North America and beyond is a game changer for us as we raise awareness of our carbon neutral healthy natural drinks and take on the battle to educate people about unhealthy sugar-based drinks. We want to lead by example in the soft drinks industry in the fight to save our planet,” he said.

The Irish company already has executives working in California, New York and Toronto and their aim is to be on shelf in the leading natural, specialty & premium retail outlets as soon as summer 2021. Further to setting up brewery partnerships in both countries they have signalled their intent by hiring former Essentia Water executives, Craig Miller and Tim Dorman, to lead their USA rollout. 

Mude Drinks contain no added sugar and a clean label ethos means fewer simpler ingredients from natural sources all of which are key to a new generation of consumers who want to protect both the planet and their bodies. In addition, the drinks are non GMO, vegan, with no preservatives, no sweeteners, no stabilisers, and no Bulls*&t. The Naked Collective closed funding of close to $7.25 million in 2020 and plan further funding of $20m in 2021 to support their North American and international expansion plans.

“We are honored The Naked Collective has entrusted us with representing their brand across North America,” said John Caruso, SVP of Acosta. “Our team is proud and eager to provide retail reach to this tremendous healthy drinks company. The natural healthy brand of Mude drinks have enormous growth potential leveraging consumers’ post covid move toward healthier lifestyles.  Acosta will partner with The Naked Collective to help them stay a step ahead and act as their go to team to drive growth and accelerate performance.”


About Mude

Made from all-natural plant based ingredients, Mude range offers five functional drinks to address consumers’ needs states at any time of the day. Whether you want to play, focus or sleep, Mude supports your ambitions all day long. Created by the Naked Collective and  Powered by Plants, People and Purpose, The Naked Collective’s SuperLiquid and ImmunoBoost technology to help you take control. All are low in calories and sugar and all of their packaging are 100% recyclable or compostable. Backed by Science, The Naked collective have over 100 scientific studies that support the drinks range functionality. Studies have shown that veganism is one of the best ways to live a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle while also looking after your own physical and mental health, and reduces the risk of some of the world’s biggest killers including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers.

About Acosta

Acosta is an integrated sales and marketing services provider that enables consumer packaged goods brands and retailers to win in the modern marketplace by delivering progressive solutions and exceptional service. With more than 90 years of experience, Acosta understands evolving consumer needs and helps its clients and customers stay a step ahead, fuelling their accelerated performance. For more information, please visit

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