Insider Look To Your Celeb Chefs’ Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

You’re sitting on the couch, drinking a well-deserved glass of wine after a long day of work. You flip on Food Network, and you see one of your favorite chefs making his/her version of a chocolate chip cookie.

Now, maybe the wine has hit you a little too quickly, but this gets you thinking. “I wonder if all chefs put their own twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie?” Some are big, and some are small. Some are soft, and some are hard. Some have nuts and some none at all. Although chocolate chip cookies are pretty simplistic and basic, how you make and bake your creation is all up to you. If you’ve ever wanted to seek for cookie advice, seek no further as we found recipes from the great chefs such as Ina Garten, Mario Batali, Emeril and a few others.

Alton Brown: Chewy Gooey

Personally, I think chewy is the way to go and Mr. Alton Brown has the perfect recipe for it. “The Chewy” chocolate chip cookie recipe must be doing something right after he’s received a five-star rating with 1,100 reviews. How does he make it so chewy? A little trick from Brown is that he uses bread flour instead of the classic all-purpose flour. The reasoning behind this chewy madness is that this type of flour actually absorbs much more liquid all-purpose flour.
The other trick is that he uses one whole egg and one egg yolk since egg whites alone tends to dry out baked goods. He also uses a full cup of brown sugar because darker the sugar, the chewier the cookie will be. This recipe isn’t as fast as Emeril’s Giant cookie but man oh man, is it worth the wait.

I signed up to bring a dozen cookies to my son’s school tomorrow. The rest will all be mine! Muahahaha!

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Emeril Does It BIG

Emeril did us a solid by showing us how to cut the work and time in half with his very popular Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. As long as you have a pizza pan, you’ll be able to try this. Chocolate chip cookie + cake= a serious love affair.

Mario Batali Does It Like A Batali Should…..Italian All The Way

When we hear Mario Batali, we automatically think – Italian. So the idea of an Italian flavored chocolate chip cookie definitely gets your tummy rumbling. Batali shows how to make Mostaccioli, which is an Italian chocolate cookie, by combining ground cloves, heavy cream, olive oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa powder together. To top it all off, he tops it with a smooth chocolate glaze. Calling all chocolate-addicts: make this immediately!

Ina Garten: Makes Minor Adjustments

If you want the “basic bitch” version of chocolate chip cookies, step right up. Ina Garten’s chocolate chip cookie recipe is pretty standard, except she goes for the chunks instead of chips with extra large scoops of dough on a pan for optimal deliciousness throughout the cookie.

Good ‘Ol Giada De Laurentiis Adds Some Hazelnuts and Toffee

Giada always has such a unique way of taking a classic recipe and putting a slight twist on it. After watching or reading her recipes, you tend to think, “why the heck didn’t I think of that?!” This hazelnut chocolate chip cookie recipe will require you to toast the hazelnuts before chopping and plopping them into the dough. When you do this, it brings out the flavor even more. What puts this recipe over the top is when you add semisweet chocolate chips, crunchy hazelnuts, and super sweet toffee candy. By adding these ingredients, it combines a variety of flavors and textures in your mouth that are way better than the average cookie.

Bobby Flay Tells Us It’s All About The Brown Sugar

Last but not least, we find out how Bobby Flay makes cookie “Flay-tastic.” Bobby’s chocolate chip cookies consist of two different types of brown sugar: light and dark muscovado sugar.) In his recipe, he believes that thanks to these two sugars, which gives a darker color, it will give the cookie a chewier consistency. He uses an ice cream scooper to dollop heaping spoon full of dough on the pan, with plenty of space in between each one, to ensure there’s enough space for the cookies to spread.

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