Kelly Rutherford’s Favorite Food Finds

Actress Kelly Rutherford and B. Floral hosted a private cocktail reception at Space 530 in Manhattan, where guests spent their evening learning how to make the perfect floral arrangements. We sat down to chat with the Gossip Girl star about floral arrangements and her favorite things to eat.

FF: How do you make the perfect floral arrangement?

KR: When I send flowers, most of the time I do white flowers, whether its roses, peonies, or anything that’s in season like tulips. Then I have them mixed up with some greens. I figured that kind of goes anywhere in someone’s home, whereas when you do something too colorful and too crazy it may not always go.

FF: What kind of flowers do you like to see in your house verses at a nice restaurant?

KR: I think the white goes with everything. I like white roses, peonies and tulips. What else, hydrangeas are beautiful, they’re so many.

FF: Do you have a go-to restaurant in New York City?

KR: Mmm gosh, they’re so many good ones. I like Omar’s, it’s really fun. Sant Ambroeus is great for cappuccino and panini. You know where I go a lot? Le Pain Quotidien, the Belgian place that’s all organic. Their to-go containers are biodegradable and their food’s organic. They have amazing soups, really great salads and tartines, so I probably go there the most.

FF: What’s your “guilty pleasure” food?

KR: Usually, it’s French fries. You, like, breathe those. I also like to dip potato chips in sour cream. It’s so good, it’s weird but good.

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