Pickle-Flavored Soft Serve Is The Hottest Trend Taking Over NYC

Pickle Soft Serve

Calling all pickle lovers! Get your Instagram ready because pickle-flavored soft serve is now a thing in New York City.

From the team behind Jacob’s Pickles comes the opening of Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. Located on the Upper West Side, customers can pick up a swirl for $5.

The dill-flavored treat has caused a flurry across social media.

Here’s what the the customers are saying:

“First time trying pickle ice cream! Surprisingly tasty and unexpected!” one customer wrote on Instagram.

“Yes this is Pickle Soft Serve and it’s really really good and you get a ton of it for just $5, and I just ate the whole thing, and no I’m not pregnant,” foodie Mike Chau wrote on Instagram.

With the current heat wave in NYC, many people are staying cool with the pickle-flavored soft serve. So what does it actually taste like?

“It sounds weird at first, but if you remember that pickles used to be cucumbers, it’s a very refreshing soft serve with a cucumber/melon type taste. It’s a bit tangy but overall refreshing and a really neat concept,” Yelp reviewer Brittany T. explained. “I like that they took their love of pickles and made it into a soft serve, which is something I’ve never seen anywhere else.”

For those who are less adventurous, the company serves two other flavors of soft serve, matcha and chocolate-dip.

Would you try this “dill-icious” soft serve?

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.
513 Amsterdam Avenue (near 85th Street)
Phone: 212-392-5407

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