Miley Cyrus & Alicia Silverstone Give Us Vegan Hope while Nina Dobrev is Making Us Drool

Bella Thorne is skipping her way to work while sipping on some iced coffee

Dancing my way to table read for #FamousInLove whose excited for the new show?!

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and Britney Spears shouts out New York City via coffee mug. #starbucksbuy

Gooooood morning! I really miss this place… #NYC

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Sofia Vergara is living the life. Breakfast in New York, Lunch in the Turks & Caicos with her handsome lover. Must be nice!

Breakfast in NY? lunch in Turks & Caicos?❤️❤️❤️

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Miley Cyrus shows us that that you cant eat your “tuna” and love them too…until now! #vegantoona

who says u can’t eat your “tuna” and love them too! Yippie! #vegantoona #coolpeopledoincoolshit #peaprotein

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But wait, there’s more vegan news! Alicia Silverstone uncovered vegan OREOS and decided to share!

Katie Couric is embracing fall full force with apple and pumpkin picking

Fall! #apples #pumpkins #happy

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Thanks to T-Swift, Coca-Cola never looked so delicious

I used to be so obsessed with this photoshoot

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Haylie Duff is making us all go off our diets with her “forever hungry” t-shirt and ice cream in hand. Captioned her picture she announces her new show on the Cooking Channel called #HayliesAmerica! Make sure to check it out!

Nina Dobrev has the right idea with her delicious messy kitchen creations. #DROOLING

Exactly how I like my kitchen. Messy. With delicious creation. ? ???

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Olivia Culpo is right, there needs to be a raspberry emoji!

TGIF ??❤️ #noRaspberryEmoji #OCRecipes

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Kristin Cavallari announced her new cookbook coming out!

Zac Posen is “doing it for the gram,” with his garden to table pic. #cookingwithzac

Straight from the garden. Nothing better! #cookingwithzac

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Drew Barrymore is hitting up the #fishmarket in #korea. Embracing #locallife

#fishmarket #korea #locallife #brandingtrip2016

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