Garlic Soup with Octopus in Red Wine- Recipe


The Seven Senses
Garlic Soup with Octopus in Red Wine

By Leonardo Nadinic

“The Seven Senses” is a smooth and elegant dish with a note of erotic flavor. The soup is smooth and creamy giving your palate a sense of the sea and the texture of the Mediterranean.

Octopus is gentle and soft with a essence of the deep and mystic romance. The full plate of this dish is colorful and very sensual, all put together gives a full meaning a perfect meal.

1 Octopus approx. 2 kg
1 Head of Garlic
1 Milleram Cream 500 g (Sour Cream)
1 Spoon Olive Oil ( I use Istrian olive oil that is a region in Croatia ) but you can use the one you preferred
1 Bream – 400 grams
2-3 Basil flowers
2 flower of lamb’s lettuce
Salt and Pepper

1.Cook the octopus and finish it with red wine.
2.Make a fish soup. You can do just a vegetable soup instead , it is a litter faster, and then you don’t have steps 2 and 3.
3.Skin the fish meat and put it on a plate.
4.Filtrate fish soup and put it on a bowl.
5.In a new bowl put in olive oil, boil garlic and a fresh chopped onions for a 2-3 minutes.
6.Put a little white wine 2 ml and wait until boiling and boil for 3 minutes until the alcohol is evaporated.
7. Put back the fish soup that you previously filtered as cornerstone and wait until soup boiled.
8. Put milleram cream and blend with stick blender and wait until boil again.
9. Put a salt and pepper and that is it.
10. Put the soup in a plate served the octopus, put some raspberry, listed almond and a little basil and lamb’s lettuce.

That is it, now you will taste the pure essences of the sea.

And just enjoy !!!

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Leonardo Nadinić

Leonardo Nadinić, from Croatia, has a passion for gastronomy and enjoys cooking. His best partner in the kitchen is his wife. His driving force in the kitchen is cooking for his family, friends and especially his daughter. Follow him on Instagram @black_and_white_in_color to see his amazing cooking skills!

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