Blueberry Sundown Smoothie- Recipe


Blueberry Sundown
By Leonardo Nadinic

This is a super healthy, high protein smoothie that’s easy and quick to make. It’s a cool afternoon treat and it’s really tasty!

250 grams of Blueberries
500 ml Yogurt
1 Banana
1 Cup of Oatmeal
3 Teaspoon Amaranth
200 g Fresh Low-Fat Cheese

Recipe makes approximately 3 cups

1. Mix with a blender 150 g. (3 tablespoons) fresh low-fat cheese , 150 grams off blueberry with a cca 400 yogurt and then put it on a bottom of the glass. (I make 3 glasses with this agriscience)
2. Put in oatmeal then gently add yogurt on top. (Just a little to get white color approx. 1 cm thick).
3. On top of that, add blueberries (as you wish, more ore a little )
4. In a blender mix 1 banana and 100 ml yogurt, 50 g. fresh low-fat cheese (one tablespoon spoon) and put it in the glass over the blueberries.
5. Add blueberries on the top and sprinkle it with amaranth.

And that’s it. Cool it down in the fridge and just enjoy!


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Leonardo Nadinić

Leonardo Nadinić, from Croatia, has a passion for gastronomy and enjoys cooking. His best partner in the kitchen is his wife. His driving force in the kitchen is cooking for his family, friends and especially his daughter. Follow him on Instagram @black_and_white_in_color to see his amazing cooking skills!

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