5 Minutes with Famous Foodie: Dina Deleasa-Gonsar

On this installment of 5 Minutes, we sat down to chat with Dina Deleasa-Gonsar. You may recognize her from seeing her appear alongside her family on the E! Networks, “Married to Jonas.”

But little did we know, Dina is an avid foodie, having grown up cooking with her mom and grandmother. She has also studied at the Institute of Culinary Education and the Ninety Acres Culinary Center. And she has a blog! Read it here- Dish It Girl

1. We’ve seen you on “Married to Jonas” on E! and know that food is a big part of your life. What are some of your fave dishes to make with the family?

We love to make what we call “Sunday Dinner” dishes. It is comfort food that feeds a crowd. I love making meatballs with my mom; they never come out as good when I make them alone. Things like lasagna, and chicken parmagiana never have any leftovers! Also, we make zeppoles, which is fried dough, it reminds us of nights at grandma’s house.

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2. Is there one dish that one family member has a great recipe for that you can share?

Stuffed Marsala Mushrooms is now one of my signature dishes. It appears at all family gatherings and I can never make enough! Check out the recipe here:

Stuffed Marsala Mushrooms

3. Tell us about your food blog, Dish It Girl. What inspired your to start it?

My family and friends were always asking me for recipes and restaurant recommendations. I had started to gain a bit of reputation for always making a great dish for a gathering or always finding a good spot to eat. I decided to start journaling and keeping track of these things for myself. Also, to be able to direct people to my website instead of writing out a recipe over and over. Pretty soon more than just my family were reading!

4. We know you love food, but also manage to stay in great shape! What is your secret?

During the week I try to practice portion control. I also make sure that I eat healthy lunches and snacks to avoid going home after work and eating a jar of Nutella. Which may happen on occasion. I do make sure I workout 3-5 times a week, even if its just 30 minutes of cardio, it’s better than nothing!

5. Do you have a cheat-day eat?

I love a big juicy burger and disco fries! Actually I will take fries anyway they come!!!

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