His Highness Beefsteak Mediterranean Recipe


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His Highness Beefsteak Mediterranean Recipe
By Leonardo Nadinic

This is one of my favorite meals and it will always have a special place in my book. When it comes to steak there is no compromise and this one is a crowd pleaser.


2 kg Beefsteak
Potato 🥔
Olive Oil ( I personally use Istrian Croatian oil. It’s one of the best in the world 🌎 but you can use any type
you like and prefer).
Olive Oil with taste of White Tartuffe
Aceto Balsamico
Basil 🌿
Lambs Lettuce

1. Put in the potato to bake for approx. 1 hour. 200 C, last 15 minutes put the oven on 250 C.

2.Take the steak and put olive oil on a steak and just a little salt, but not too much. That is very important so the salt does not take all the fabulous juices and the flavor of the meat. Also, do not add pepper yet!!

3.Put a steak on a hot grill and grill it for 4 minutes, then flip it and grill it on other side for 2 minutes,then put the butter and the rosemary and keep it grill for 2 minutes.Take the spoon and put all the juices from the grill on steak and keep it juiced. After 2 minutes roll steak on a side and grill it for a 1 minutes on every lateral side.

4. After that take the steak and put it the oven for the 6 minutes-8 minutes 200 C (for medium like in the photo).

Steak MUST REST for 6-8 minutes and that is crucial so all the juices form the stake stay in it, if you cut it too soon everything will go out the ascent you put you’re knife in the steak.

5. Take the potato 🥔 from the owen and serve with a beefsteak on a wood plate.

6.Add Salt and mix the Lambs lettuce, Basil 🌿, Currant, Olive Oil with taste of White Tartufi.

5. Take a sharp knife and slice the beefsteak. Now, is the time to salt and pepper the beefsteak. I personally use a little olive oil with a flavor of white Tartuffe and put it over the steak and it is pure heaven on plate.

What to say, Bon Appetite and enjoy 😊 !!!


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