Celebrity Cookbook: Maria Menounos EveryGirl’s Guide To Cooking

Maria Menounos released a cookbook called: The EveryGirl’s Guide To Cooking and it is an absolute hit.  This woman does it all. She is a TV host, journalist, actress, semi professional wrestler can now add author to her Wikipedia page.

It isn’t purely directed, although it is insinuated, that this cookbook is for busy young women, but quite frankly, it’s for anyone who wants to venture out to learn how to eat well and quickly during the weekdays.

Her book is a New York Times best seller and the EveryGirl book series includes essentially a collection of 150 easy-to-prepare recipes that are out-this-world delicious.

What makes Maria’s recipes so delectable is probably the history on how she learned to cook. Maria figured out her way around the kitchen and like many young chefs, really learned by watching her mother, Litsa, cook in the kitchen. It just so happened that Maria’s mother was also a professional cook. (definitely comes in handy here and there). Her recipes are inspired by their Greek heritage.

The EveryGirl’s Guide to Cooking focuses on fresh and natural ingredients that yield a wide variety of both health and splurge-worthy food. Some recipes include:

Breakfast- Strawberry Shortcake French Toast, Apple Pie Quinoa Porridge, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Breakfast Burrito.

Lunch- Kale and Lemon Oil Pizza, Caramalized Veggie Flatbreads, Three-Bean Power Salad

Dinner- Melted Baked Ziti with Charred Cauliflower, Double-Cheese-Stuffed Artichokes

Entertaining- Sloppy BBQ Buns, Meatball Sliders

Protein Snack – Speedy Egg Salad, Chickpea Poppers

Desserts- Greek Yogurt Strawberry Sunday, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Why we wanted to write a review on this book is because it truly doesn’t matter if you have been cooking for 5-10 years or it’s your first week in the kitchen. Between both Maria and her mom’s guidance, they will help any girl, or guy, out in the kitchen in order to live a happy, meaningful, healthy life! As Maria would say: “No experience? No problem. Let’s get cooking!”

Not only can really anyone pick up this book and get cooking but Maria also figured out recipes that are done in 1,2,3. She knows how busy and hectic life can get, but that should never take you away from the kitchen and feeding you and your loved ones with healthy and delicious food. The recipes she put in her book all are done with a few ingredients that are so simple and easy, you’ll have no excuse not to make them.

She claims, “everyone at your table will be begging for seconds!” I can personally say the flavor combinations on some of these recipes are DYNAMITE.

The book is packed with beautiful photographic references and adds in tips about substitution or how to get the best out of your time and ingredients. All of the ingredients used are listed in alphabetical order at the end of the book, making it simple to find any recipe based on whatever food you might have on hand. She also has a ton of personal stories that is a really heartwarming dedication to her mom.

This is a perfect cookbook to do with your significant other or your child if he/she is starting to show interest in the kitchen. Follow in the steps of Maria and grab this EveryGirl’s Guide To Cooking today!

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