4th of July Smoothie Recipe


4th of July Smoothie Recipe

By Leonardo Nadinić

Celebrate July 4th by making this patriotic, colorful and healthy smoothie. There is still time this summer to get yourself strong and healthy. There is no better way to get that positive kick in a day than to start off with a smoothie. Blueberry is super healthy and it has numerous benefits for your body in areas such as heart condition, blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s very good to include blueberries in your eating habits. My smoothies and puddings are easy to make and taste great. You’ll feel better, energized and your skin won’t regret it.

300g Blueberry
150g Blackberry
500 ml Yogurt
2 Bananas
1 teaspoon of Amaranth

1.Mix the Blackberry and Blueberry with a 250g yogurt and put it in the glass.
2.Mix the 2 bananas and 250g yogurt and put it in the glass.
3.Put Blueberries and Amaranth on the top.

… and that’s it! Cool them off in the fridge and enjoy.

Happy 4th of July!


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Leonardo Nadinić

Leonardo Nadinić, from Croatia, has a passion for gastronomy and enjoys cooking. His best partner in the kitchen is his wife. His driving force in the kitchen is cooking for his family, friends and especially his daughter. Follow him on Instagram @black_and_white_in_color to see his amazing cooking skills!

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